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Many more examples are available, all with references.

Building Better Businesses.

Case Studies

Bishopston Trading, Bristol England

Bishopston is a small retailing organization that has six retail shops, as well as an Online and Wholesale business. It sources apparel, textiles and other products from an arms length producer in KV Kuppam in Southern India, West of Chennai. In the middle of the economic recession in 2010, they were faced with a dramatic drop in demand, and negative cash flow, for the first time in 25 years.

Hall Consulting was called in, and using the SCAN methodology, along with discussions with the management, a cost cutting program was agreed on to put the organization on an even keel.

In just a few days, the rigor of the SCAN methodology restored the company to financial health, and was able to maintain the level of purchases from India, where the sales are important for the income levels of the artisans in the South of India.

Fine Jewelry for Romantics, Laguna Beach CA


Fine Jewelry is a start up in the fast growing sector of online gift jewelry. They have invested in a richly textured web site. The challenge was to generate traffic across the site to build the business.

Hall Consulting was called in to advise on a detailed marketing strategy that would build traffic and convert it in to buyers. A variety of campaign elements were analyzed, and prioritized in to “must do” and “nice to do” categories. They were then matched to the available budget to develop and mount a campaign for 2011.

The campaign came out of a modified SCAN approach that in the eCommerce environment focused on the Marketing Channel options. The output was an Action Plan for the company’s management for implementation in 2011 and beyond.

Dynamic Touch Massage, Costa Mesa CA


This business is in a very competitive environment. It is differentiating itself by targeting the Sport Medicine, Pre-Natal and Therapeutic segments of the market.

The challenge for Dynamic is to lift itself above its day-to-day operational demands and plan for a future expansion. The business today is operating at below capacity, but is not large enough to support administrative and marketing support. So it has to scale up to achieve a size about 300% bigger than it is today.

The application of SCAN has successfully analyzed the requirements of the business to put in place a growth path to deliver the required expansion within 3 years.

ASHA Handicrafts, Mumbai India

ASHA is the second largest Fair Trade trading company in India. It has a assembly of over 75 producer groups manufacturing a variety of craft items like jewelry, tableware, gift items, basketry, toys, seasonal (Xmas) products, ceramics, etc. Their main markets are in the major countries of Europe.

The challenge for ASHA is to continue to expand their sales levels, and given the stagnation of their European outlets, that means breaking in to the US market, both traditional and emerging high end boutiques.

Hall Consulting worked with ASHA to revise their product lines, and attack the new market opportunities that will deliver the required sales growth for the business.