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Basic principles of the approach to business that will improve
skills and effectiveness.

Management Tips

Respond and Move Quickly

Opportunities are often lost, and problems rapidly become serious when there is inaction and indecision on part of Business Leaders. Problems must be addressed quickly and solved; opportunities must be targeted and ruthlessly exploited. Fortune favors the Brave, and that definitely applies in Business. Every day there must be a survey of what is working well, what needs fixing and how we can expand and grow the business - every day! Here is a source for further information.

Track Competition

Every business has competition, even if it is just the apathy "do-nothing" opinions of the customer base. Competition is out to seriously damage, if not kill your business. You need a system to continuously monitor and track your competition. You need to understand what drives your competitors, why they are successful, what are their weaknesses and how you can expand by "eating their lunch."

Keep up with Technology

This can be a challenging area, especially for the Small and Medium sized business. There are so many choices: Cloud Computing? Mobile Devices? Smart Phones? Tablets (iPads)? Outsourcing IT technical support? Web Site development and hosting? And many more. A business needs to be on top of these technology trends and understand what they mean for their business. Failure to do this will result in system failures and a slow downward spiral of decline.