Hall Consulting

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INSEAD MBA, 10 years with General Electric, 20 years in Silicon Valley,
Builds Better Businesses.



Hall Consulting has a wide variety of partners and associates, as well as sources of business intelligence and information. Here are some of the web sites that we recommend you check out.

Orange County Business Round Table (OCBRT)

World Fair Trade Organization

Tech Coast Venture Network

Southern California Venture Network

INSEAD Business School

Hall Wray Consultants

Why Hall Consulting?

Hall Consulting was founded in the mid 1990s and has successfully developed  strategic, business and marketing plans for hundreds of companies.

In partnership with Michael Wray (www.hallwrayconsulting.com) Hall Consulting had developed a series of business educational and training programs in the following fields: Strategy, Leadership, Human Resources, Financial Management, Marketing Strategy, Production and Quality Control.

Hall Consulting has now built on these methodologies to develop a rigorous and comprehensive approach for the Initial SCAN of a business. It has been used in many companies worldwide and has a proven record of success. Building Better Businesses. Hall Consulting has the resources for extended, specialist projects as well.