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Ten years of applying these business techniques and methodologies to
Build Better Businesses in Africa and Asia.


Hall Consulting has a wide variety of partners and associates, as well as sources of business intelligence and information. Here are some of the web sites that we recommend you check out.

Orange County Business Round Table (OCBRT)

World Fair Trade Organization

Tech Coast Venture Network

Southern California Venture Network

INSEAD Business School

Hall Wray Consultants

Fair Trade Development Work

Tony Hall has worked for almost 10 years in Fair Trade, mainly on a pro-bono basis. He is currently retained by the World Fair Trade Organization to head up a Task Force investigating the relocation of their Headquarters, for economic reasons and to be closer to the membership in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

He has developed a number of courses in the fields of Business Strategy, eCommerce, Leadership and Strategic Sales/Marketing, and these have been taught extensively around the world. He has also worked on the Fair Trade labeling initiative for craft industries. These activites were transferred to local consultants across Asia in December 2009 at a major meeting in Kathmadu, Nepal. For more details see: www.hallwrayconsulting.com.